Naturopathy is natural medicine for the whole being that encompasses herbs, nutrients, flower essences, food and homeopathy. The foundation of naturopathy is about listening to your body and learing the value of convalescence.

Some of the units in my studies included:

  • anatomy & physiology
  • human disease processes
  • pharmacology
  • food as medicine
  • clinical nutrition
  • herbal medicine

There is not one right diet and lifestyle that suits everyone, we all have different needs and requirements unique to ourselves. Treatments may require changes to your current eating regime or specific diet prescription.

I am confident in treating a vast array of conditions, these include but are not limited to:

  • insomnia / depression / anxiety
  • thyroid conditions / fatigue
  • hormones - heavy or irregular periods / menopause
  • microbiome - IBS / bloating / constipation / diarrhoea
  • immunity - recurrent infections viral & bacterial

You-nique Prescribing

You are unique. You are different from everyone else. Unique prescribing is individual prescribing: applicable for your-needs-only. You-nique prescribing is based on logic, rationale, perception and intuition gained from my clinical experience extending over a decade.

In naturopathy there are protocols to treat illnesses but not everybody responds in the same way. This is why You-nique prescribing takes into account your:

  • constitution / who you are
  • genes / family history
  • environmental exposures
  • diet / food allergies & intolerances
  • lifestyle factors / physical and social activity
  • pathology testing / nutrient deficiencies
  • trauma / injury / stress

From the information gathered, your treatment plan may include advice, remedies or solutions that aim to:

  • relieve your symptoms
  • treat your illness
  • identify your drivers
  • and focus on preventive medicine...that is best suited for your ...You-nique self.