Is health just physical?

Is health just physical?

Well if you asked me this 10 years ago, I would have said yes, but through all my experiences both personally and professionally as a Naturopath and now Spiritual & Energy Healer I would have to say, there is more going on than what meets the eye.

The big bang started for me when I had just finished my bachelor in naturopathy and set out to start consulting work. It was with my very first client that a world unknown to me opened up in the most unusual and frightening way. The client was telling me about her health problems and I was taking notes, hoping not to miss anything, when suddenly the room changed and so did my reality. I noticed colours swirl around my client and could feel emotions that could only have belonged to her. Literally, in a spin, I couldn’t concentrate on her words and watch the array of hallucinations dance before me. My mind was racing, please shut down! Immediately it stopped and the room returned to normal, phew, was all I could manage.

Desperately I wanted to be a normal naturopath and practice with herbs, nutrients and diet, but the universe had other plans. I often ignored these gifts – or at times curses – for a few years until I could neither escape the energies that surrounded myself or my clients. I also found that traditional naturopathy treatments weren’t cutting it for everyone. Inevitably, I needed to change, let go and flow with this new path and once I did, some results were instantaneous.

A woman who had suffered from diarrhoea for years had been to many different doctors, naturopaths and health practitioners for treatment, yet had no improvement. At the time I wasn’t even sure that I would be able to help her. After the first healing, we arranged for her to come back a week later to discuss her progress. When she returned, she said that the day after the healing, the diarrhoea stopped completely. Both of us were thrilled with the results and I was beginning to understand the great importance of removing these energies/blockages from people, in order to heal.

Energy can cause many disturbances. Sometimes we harbour emotions in certain parts of our body, or a past life is blocking us and other times there are literally energy attachments that are keeping us unwell. Spiritual & Energy healing looks at the human being as a spirit energy system, and my belief is that all the answers to health are within that field. It’s important to have stillness in your life to connect with your body and spirit and find awareness of what could be going on within you. Health isn’t just physical, it’s on many levels. What level you are choosing to focus on is where you’re at right now, but consider other levels if you want holistic healing.

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