Naturopaths are becoming the health practitioner of choice for those seeking alternative therapies. There is a long history of naturopaths and healers using herbs traditionally, and naturopathy is becoming quite a popular occupation. I have always had a passion and drive for the industry and for alternative health care medicines to be available to everyone. My innate love of everything natural comes from overcoming my own health issues through natural means.

I completed my Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy (4 years) in 2007, and am a registered naturopath. I studied a diverse range of subjects such as anatomy & physiology, human disease processes, pharmacology, food as medicine, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine and much more. Naturopaths are qualified herbalists and nutritionists and not only have the skills to treat illnesses and diseases but are knowledgeable in herb/nutrient/drug interactions.

Naturopathy is natural medicine for the whole being. Its a beautiful tradition that encompasses herbs, flowers, nutrients, food and homeopathy. Its a self-nurturing dive into natures earth resources that will enable your body to kick-start its own healing abilities. It teaches you to slow down, restrain from answering your mobile phone, and learning to appreciate true convalescence when you've got the flu. Listening to your bodies own needs should be primal rather than pushing to meet a work deadline.

As a naturopath, I care about peoples health and happiness. I also enjoy educating, not lecturing, my clients on how to live well and give them the tools to help them do that. I believe that there is not one right diet that suits everyone, but that we all have different needs and requirements unique to ourselves. Listening to your own bodies needs is an important part of healing, and I serve to support you through your individual wellness journey.

I am professional yet flexible in my approach and have sometimes seen improvements with the smallest changes. Sometimes less is more. I am confident in treating a vast array of conditions because my treatments are holistic and thought-provoking in terms of possible underlying causes. The destination is about improving your health, vitality, energy levels, quality of sleep and empowering you to continue to make healthy choices. Moving towards these small steps and changes will help reconnect you with your bodies own innate healing abilities.

Spiritual Healing

Energy healing alone is putting energy into the body, such examples of energy medicine are reiki, acupuncture and homeopathy. Spiritual healing is different, it is using Spirit to do the healing work. Spiritual healing involves sensing or seeing Spirits diagnose then treat the person by working on the energetic pattern of an individual to improve their well-being. Therefore, Spiritual healing is a combination of energy out and energy in.

How to know if this could help you? Ever had something going on or wrong with your health or in your life, regardless of what kind of mantra you hummed, good food you ate or herbs you ingested, but it persisted anyway? What if there was something deeper linked to your depression, constipation or repeated bad choice of partners. What if there was energy sitting in an area of your body creating all sorts of havoc, an entity was trying to ruin your life or past life issue was replaying like a bad memory. Sometimes we don't know until we get a healer to take a peak. Some clients say they felt an attachment, they kept having nightmares or their illness started at the same time as another event. You may receive an intuitive hit that there is something else outside this normal realm creating disharmony in your life.

In a session, you will be laying on a massage table for approximately 30 minutes whilst listening to relaxing music, during which time I tune in to see what is present within you. I may intuitively know or see information about the person's being. Treatment may involve, removing energies and entities, clearing blockages or resolving past life issues. Health improvements may be a result of this work. My team of Spirit Guides use their light to help you. This is called Soul-Based Healing.

You are probably wondering how can I possibly do this work and was there any formal training? Apart from the help and support from a reputable Healer that I wasn't going insane, there was very little formal training and no manual to instruct me. How can you teach someone to feel and see energies? I have come to believe this field chooses you rather than you choose it. After all, I was working as a Naturopath when I began to see unusual phenomena around clients. Since 2003, I have been personally challenged by feeling and seeing energies. In 2012 I decided to draw from these experiences and bring these tools into my practice to remove energies from others. I believe that this unusual occupation holds great responsibility, honesty and integrity to work only with the Light.