Change your story

Change your story

We all have one. What I mean by that is, problems, obstacles and plain old drama. Life is a groundhog slog of people’s stresses, karmic ties and fate that deals out all sorts of adversities. It’s not personal. Yet there are consequences for all actions. Although, on a deeper spiritual level you have possibly agreed to the family you have chosen, the friendships that have chosen you and the bad hip and insomnia that often plagues you at 3am. But you are not the only one. Other people too inhabit this planet and have their fair share of hardships.

But where does it take us when we talk about it? It takes us more into it, into the pain, back into the emotion, right back to the moment it all started, when he said she said. Does it really benefit us to tell the same story over again? Psychologists say it’s therapeutic in the beginning, but after a while it keeps you in this self-importance state of “that’s my story and I’ll tell it if I want to”. But just when you start feeling better, you race back to sharing your story with someone else again. It confuses your cells and your state of mind, as you start to believe you literally are re-living it out again. Your body and mind doesn’t actually know the difference between what you see and what you start feeling. This then manifests into unpleasant physical symptoms, you start to feel bad again, but you’re getting attention from those around you that choose to keep listening, so you think it must be good.

In other words, don’t let the problem, symptom or your disease keep taking over the story. Don’t hang onto its every word like it’s your only life line. Instead say “I decide now to close the book on that story and rewrite a brand new one!” Visualise that you are moving that old story energy out of you and reclaiming back your power. Choose the vibration that is always lighter, happier and more fun.

So when you next hear someone telling their victim story, or you are about to tell yours, rethink it. Honestly ask the question, will either of you benefit and grow from it? If the story doesn’t teach us or lift our vibrational feeling, then decide to choose a new story. Perhaps talk about the new stuff that you want in your life, all the goodness that is about to come into your new existence. Now that’s something to get excited about. Let go of the old stuff so it can finally let go of you.

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