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I came across Evette on the recommendation of a friend. Her child was undergoing healing treatments. My 7 year old daughter has been having trouble settling at bed time for a number of years. My Husband and I had been trying quite a number of techniques to help her calmly fall off to sleep. We were open to any suggestions to help us. So we decided to consult Evette.

After Kiki’s first appointment, when we left she said she felt tired. I put this down to the calm feeling at the treatment room. However the results were almost immediate as she has been far more relaxed and settled at bed time. Kiki has been able to fall asleep by herself and is much calmer and happy to remain in the bed if not sleeping. We are not experiencing the constant calling, restlessness or getting out of bed behavior from her. She appears to be far more content since her appointments.

Up to this point the whole experience from Evette’s healing has been positive and we are thankful to her for the help she has provided to Kiki and two very grateful parents.

Sharon, Torquay


My first healing with Evette was a couple of months after having found the courage to leave a ten year violent and abusive relationship. I had escaped the family home with my two young children, we had nothing but a small suitcase. Although physically free from the relationship, I was in shock, emotionally traumatised, I felt withdrawn and entirely consumed by the life we had left behind. I still felt strangely “controlled.”

After my first healing, something had changed, I felt enlightened and a little more like myself, I was no longer dominated by control. I began to think of myself and what I wanted out of life for the first time in many years, I had found my Faith.

A few healings later and I feel that those layers of control, abuse and manipulation that had slowly but surely consumed me had been lifted and I no longer felt like I was clouded by the violence I had experienced.

My children have also benefited from the healings. My son is no longer the little boy once terrified of me leaving the room, so frustrated and out of control that he was at times inconsolable. His speech was under developed. He now speaks full sentences and is able to communicate his feelings (all within a few weeks). I sense an inner peace in both of my children and I have no doubt that it is through Evette’s healing that the dark cloud hovering over their lives has been lifted.

I am now not only physically free but I am emotionally and spiritually free. Free to live my life and more importantly so are my children. I have found my path…and I have found myself.
Thank You Evette.

Anonymous, Torquay

I hope in sharing my son’s story it will give hope to others that there is a safe and natural alternative to help their children or they themselves if they are experiencing any issues.

My son’s problem was that he couldn’t get to sleep when he went to bed. He would go to bed at his regular time of 8.30pm and could still be awake at 10.00, 10.30 or some nights 11pm. He would become quite agitated that he couldn’t sleep and would want to play or be fidgeting with something. He would call out to me constantly distressed about this. In the mornings he would get out of bed yawning and looking tired. His moods at home were also changing, he was becoming short tempered and his behavior was becoming challenging. After months of this we were all getting worn out. This was impacting on the whole family.

My journey to find a solution for his problem began. I went to the health food store and spoke to someone there. They suggested a couple of different things to use which l purchased and used. I might add l was going to other stores as well to see if anyone came up with a different solution. Also, a lot of people offered suggestions like – quiet time before bed, warm milk, no electronics(which he doesn’t get anyway), relaxation music, meditation, and on and on. Tried it all, nothing worked.

Finally after months of trying different things with no change, I made a Doctor’s appointment, he suggested running a series of blood tests to eliminate any under lying medical conditions. All the tests came back negative. The doctor suggested a different natural herbal remedy that l could try so l again popped into the health food store.

This is the day my luck changed, this is the day that l met Evette. I discussed at length the problem my son was having, I made an appointment to take my son to see her. Throughout our discussion on my son she did say that she also does healing. I was desperate and said l would be happy to try anything if it’s going to help him be able to get to sleep at night.

The day arrived for my son’s appointment I was hopeful but apprehensive about the healing session my son was going to undertake. The session took an hour and l was able to stay with him the whole time. He was lying on the bed and listening to music. He was quiet and seemed relaxed but tired after the session. I came back later and Evette gave me an overview on what she had discovered and what she had set in place for him.

Within a couple of days my sons sleeping patterns began to change and continued to do so. I took him back to see Evette a fortnight later for another healing. He now goes to bed and falls asleep in a normal acceptable time frame. His moods and behavior are back to a normal child level.

I have recommended my friends to Evette who have also told me that they have experienced amazing results with their own situations. I have also had a healing with Evette.

Evette, we feel blessed that you came into our life and thank you for your gift of healing.

Linda, Torquay


I went to see Evette about 2 years ago regarding a health issue for my daughter and for myself. My daughter’s rash disappeared after treatment within one day, and I received the healing I needed after our session together. I found her to be a very gentle and nurturing soul that truly cares about our health and well being. I would recommend Evette to anyone needing any physical, emotional or spiritual healing. She empowers me to be true to myself and to experience joy on my journey called “life”.

Nikki, Torquay

Evette’s whole approach is understanding and calming. Her healing techniques, are truly spiritual and carry on with you long after you’ve left her “special” room. A remarkable woman, with a remarkable gift.

Heather, Torquay

Thankyou so much Evette. I really do feel amazing. It’s incredible what you do!!

Melissa, Werribee